China Clay Teapots

Yixing Handmade Kung Fu Tea Set Old Purple Mud Dragon Stone Scoop
Weight: 500g
Model: CMJLZNXLSP-43144984122
product details

Product name: Dragon Stone Scoop Pot

Producer:Chinese artisans

Mud material:Purple Mud


Craft art:handmade

Place of origin:Yixing

Stone scoop pot,this style is the classic style in the purple sand pot,After many people improved,subdivided into sub-smelting stone scoop,Jingzhou stone scoop,Honghua
stone scoop,Hanfu stone scoop,etc.But in the end,all of them will return to one place,and the same source,this paragraph should be one of the eighteen styles created by
Manson.The body shape curve of the pot is twirling,One is the corner from the bottom of the mouth,and the other is the corner from the low center to the bottom.The bottom
of the Dongpo stone scoop is wider than the common stone scoop Very well combined,Can have such a soft,smooth and sturdy effect.The slightly raised lid has a smooth flow of water.The water is smooth and powerful,and it is comfortable to grasp. The shoulder of the body is made as a main body,and the body is strong,and a force is bursting
out in the desire.


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