China Clay Teapots

Handmade Xishi Purple Clay Teapot Kung Fu Tea Set Bean Cyan Mud Happy Heart Pattern
Weight: 500g
Model: DPNLXXS-44333290538
product details

Product name: Xishi Happy Heart Teapot

Producer:Chinese artisans

Mud material:Bean cyan mud


Craft art:handmade

Place of origin:Yixing

Xi Shi,whose real name is Shi Yiguang,is the beauty of ancient Chinese Spring and Autumn Period.She is born with beauty and exquisite beauty.Is the avatar and synonym of beauty.It is the first of the four beautiful women in ancient China.

Xi Shi pot,as the name suggests: it should be as beautiful as Xi Shi.Xi Shi pot,the complete name should be "Xishi milk pot",referred to as "Xishi" or "Xishi milk".

The spout is the mouth of Shih Tzu,the body of the pot is just the water part of the pot,and the handle is a slender waist.This pot type is clearly recorded in the historical materials of the teapot.


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