China Clay Teapots

Yixing Handmade Purple Clay Teapot Black Gold Sand Card Cover Ball Hole Oriental Beauty Teapot
Weight: 0.6kg
Model: HGXHJSKGQKXS-37773701566
product details

Product name: Oriental Beauty Teapot

Producer:Chinese artisans
Mud material:Black Galaxy
Craft art:handmade
Place of origin:Yixing

Black sand is a kind of gabbro in petrology,The building materials market is classified as granite stone, with fine, medium and coarse particles.There are
also big sands and small golden sands.Speaking of black sands needs to start from the purple mud,Purple mud is a widely used mud in the modern pot makers.
The mud material is fine, the color is stable, the iron content is high, the tea is more fragrant, the black gold sand mud has good performance, the sand is thick, and the hand touch has obvious graininess.


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