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Purple Clay Pot Legend:

Blessed with valuable resources--How was Yixing purple sand mud discovered? She has a beautiful legend... ...

Located on the shore of Taihu Lake, Yixing Dingshan (Dingshu Town) is an ordinary and beautiful town.

Legend has it that a long time ago, the villagers in the town went out late,

ploughed the fields to do farm work, and used clay to make daily bowls and cans.

In this way, they live a carefree and simple life.One day, a strange monk appeared in their town.

As he walked, he shouted: "The rich royal soil, the rich royal soil",

the villagers were very curious to see this strange monk.When the monks discovered the doubts in the eyes of the villagers,

they said, "Is it not a royal family, can you not be rich?" People are even more confused,

looking straight at him as he walks around.The strange monk raised his voice and walked quickly,

as if no one was around.There are some experienced elders who feel that he is strange to follow

along and walk to Huanglong Mountain and Qinglong Mountain.

Suddenly, the monks disappeared.The elders looked around and saw several caves with new openings.

The caves were filled with clay of various colors.The elders moved some colored clay homes,

beat them, and magically burned pottery of different colors.

One pass ten, ten pass hundred. In this way, the purple sand pottery art slowly formed.
About customization:

We are a professional teapot company that supports wholesale and private ordering.

You can customize your own engravings according to your preferences, or engrave your culture.

Support carving your name on the teapot, and also supporting the carving of the text you want, etc.

If you want to buy a teapot of your own buy a unique and very special teapot, please contact our customer service, thank you!

Tel : 0086 558-4285588
About Us is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research, development, design, production, wholesale and purple sand culture
of purple sand products. The main products are all kinds of medium and low grade teapots, purple sand cups, purple sand sculpture tea pets,
tea pots,tea pots, purple sands. Tea tray tea sea, water washing, purple sand cups, cups, purple sand mugs and tea ceremony peripherals. After
years of development, relying on the unique purple sand mineral resources in the local area, and on the basis of inheriting the skills of the
predecessors, the ancients used the present, introduced new products, and produced a series of purple sand products.
Mainly Includes:

1: medium and high-grade teapot, purple sand cup, purple sand crafts series.The company has a number of senior purple sand artists, and the
   works are deeply loved by friends and collectors all over the world.

2: Provide a series of matching purple sand tea sets for tea houses and hotels.

3: Provide purple sand gift pots and purple sand gift cups for gift companies, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad.

4: Provide tea sets and purple sand cylinders for tea production and sales enterprises.

5: Establish brand alliance and agency cooperation relationship with many domestic crafts sales companies and merchants. As a special
   distributor of the company's purple sand single pot, purple sand pot, purple sand cup, purple sand sculpture crafts, purple tea pot, purple
   sand four treasures, purple sand tea sea and other series of products.

6: The company set up a new product creation department, constantly innovating and reforming, and new products are launched from time to
   time, so stay tuned.

Our company is skilled and skilled. The products made in the traditional new, steady and dynamic sense, the atmosphere in the small products,
the delicate in the big products, the elegant taste in the elegant, the practical and aesthetic, and favored by domestic and foreign fans, some of
the boutiques have long been sold at home and abroad.

We are highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality, and adhere to the customer-oriented, "quality in place, first-class
service" business philosophy to provide our clients with quality services. Always in the spirit of treating people with sincerity, quality-oriented,
and integrity. Good and stable quality, reasonable price and standard service have won the trust of our customers and friends, and also
brought back the business of continuous and word-of-mouth. The company's product range is complete, prompt delivery, special specifications can be
customized according to requirements. Welcome all friends to visit. If you are interested in us, you can contact us directly or leave a contact.
Thank you very much!


1.Please confirm your shipping address before pay for it,making sure to entering a right shipping address is vitally important when placing an
order, as well as the contact phone number and email address. Our company can not be responsible for reshipment if you provided us with an
incorrect shipping address.

2. Items are generally shipped out within 3 working days after payment has been verified (Sat. & Sun. and most national holidays excluded).

3. We shipping to worldwide by EMS/DHL (Express Mail Service) .

You can track it on or or

All tracking numbers are activated in 24 hours in the database of the shipping companies. If you are not able to track your order when you get
your tracking number, it may be because the delivery company has not processed it inside their database system yet.

4. Once we ship your package, we will send you tracking number once it available. Package transitting time normally takes 5 to 10 business
days, depending on the destination, holidays and factors beyond Postal Service's control. If there is a little delay, please have more patience.

5.Free shipping all over the world.

6.We are not pesponsible for the tax, We will cooperate with the shipping company to help costumers finish custom procedures.

7.If you provide wrong information about the address, leads to the items can not delivery successful, we need to reship the items,we will
recharge the reshipping fee. At this situation, if you would like to cancel this order, we will charge the restocking fee

8.When the items are signed by someone according to the record shown on the delivery system, we are supposed that you will receive the
items. That is not our responsibility if the parcel is picked by anybody else, you can call your local post office to have a check.

9.If your package is lost or seized by the customs,in this case,we will reship a new one to you as soon as possible.

Quality assurance       7 days no reason to return
Return freight             7X15 hour customer service
Tel : 0086 558-4285588
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